Sanger sequencing (capillary electrophoresis) is available for custom DNA amplification and analysis based on our refined primer design. From family carrier testing of disease-causing mutations to full sequencing of small genes, you can trust our Sanger applications safely.

Pure signals

Thanks to our careful primer design, electrophoretic traces tend to maximum signal clarity in the majority of settings. If needed, primer design and PCR may be repeated until a clearly readable signal is obtained.

Full sequence or fragment length

Our Sanger applications are available for either full sequence reading or fragment length analysis.

Pseudogenes and duplicated regions

Either with the set-up by our team of experts or in cooperation with partner labs, our Sanger is suitable for the isolation/confirmation of variants even in pseudogenes or duplicated regions.

Other complex sequences

Attempts to sequence DNA stretches with particularly difficult conformations may also be done by a combination of PCR with highly specific primers and/or long-range PCR.

Custom research projects

Our Sanger is at hand for customized research projects as well, starting from samples in single tubes or in 96-well plates. Sequences may be requested in forward or forward + reverse, at different levels of deliverables: raw data, Bioinformatics, report with variant identification.

DNA extraction

DNA extraction and purification from any kind of tissue is available to initiate our Sanger sequencing services.
Contact us to take advantage of our Sanger services today:

  • SANGER CARRIER: Sanger sequencing of known mutations in familial segregation studies.
  • SANGER GENE: full gene sequencing of small genes by Sanger
  • SANGER RESEARCH: custom sequencing projects starting from single tubes or 96-well plates.

Technical specifications


Capillary DNA electrophoresis on ABI sequencers in forward + reverse based on custom primer design. Deliverables for Clinics: Medical Report. Deliverables for Research: raw data (file .abi), Bioinformatics, and/or variant report.

Sample specifications

DNA (at least 50 ng), whole-blood in EDTA (purple cap tubes), dried blood spots (on Breda Genetics filter cards), Breda Genetics buccal swabs, FFPE samples. For SANGER RESEARCH, any other type of tissue maybe accepted, as long as it belongs to Cat A substance (non-infectious). Sample shipping is at room temperature (no dry-ice required! Free shipping included in your contract? Book sample collection directly from your customer’s area).


2 weeks in average. For urgent requests: 1 week.


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Due to the particular sequence conformation in certain DNA regions (e.g. extremely high GC-rich content or very high rates of sequence homology), Sanger may fail even after several attempts with different primer pairs. Alternatives to scan the genomic region of interest by a validated NGS capturing may be offered in these cases.


To learn more about Sanger sequencing, read the dedicated post in our knowledgebase.


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