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Genetic counseling is the only way to access genetic testing, and as such, it is recommended by all scientific guidelines and prescribed by law in most countries.

Genetic counseling enables a clear vision of your family and helps unveil hidden genetic risks for you and your relatives.

Instead of being a tedious hurdle to the test, Genetic Counseling is a precious advantage to increase your test power and plan preventative measures.

What happens during a consultation?

During the Genetic Counseling, the Medical Geneticist will:

Why should I have a Genetic counseling?

Genetic testing explanation

Genetic testing may be complex and difficult to understand in its advantages, limitations, and results.

Disease information

The Geneticist will help you understand the characteristics of your disease and its implications for your relatives.

Disease identification

Genetic counseling helps identify clinical symptoms or conditions which may not appear to be genetic at first sight.

Recurrence risk calculation

If there’s a genetic disease in your family or you’re a healthy carrier, the Geneticist will calculate the risk for future pregnancies.

Preconceptional planning

Based on your family history and genetic test results, you’ll be able to understand your reproductive risks and plan for the future.

Diagnostic odyssey

Counseling is crucial in pinpointing even marginal symptoms, which may actually drive the analysis in the right direction.

Where ?

You can take advantage of our genetic counseling service, either on-site (Brescia, Italy) or online from wherever you are.

Yes! Our genetic counseling service is also available online as a telemedicine service.

If you want to book online counseling, add it to your basket and complete the check-out: you’ll choose the day and time of your consultation!

[…] the process through which trained professionals share knowledge about the genetic aspects of illnesses with those at an increased risk of either having a heritable disorder or passing it on to their unborn offspring.


The consultation can be done worldwide in English or Italian


The price for a 30/45 minutes Genetic Counseling is 150€ *


Cancellations and refunds are possible up to 24 hours in advance **

* Plus an additional 2€ tax fee, **at the refundable rate


As soon as possible!

We will fix an appointment based on your engagements and the Geneticist’s availability.

How can I book a genetic on site counseling?

Just add Genetic Counseling to your basket today and choose the day of the appointment

For more information:
Tel: +39 030 22 19 32 89 – Mon-Fri: 8.30-18.30

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