Breda Genetics is glad to offer sample shipping by express courier. The service is free of charge from within Italy and any other EU country for any order equal or above 1,000 €. For some non EU-countries fees may apply: more details at

To enable faster transit times and customs clearance, we strongly encourage using our courier: please email us right away to get the waybill. Shipments organized by the sender might end up in longer timing and additional costs.

Packaging and travelling conditions

Exome/genome sequencing, other NGS, Sanger sequencing and other DNA analyses: no particular travelling conditions are required, as DNA is very stable.  DNA in water, DNA in TE buffer, liquid EDTA-blood samples, buccal swabs, whole saliva and filter cards may safely travel at room temperature.

METABOLOME PLUS: special travelling conditions are needed, since urine metabolites decay very quickly at room temperature. The urine sample must travel refrigerated and reach us not later than 24 hours after sampling (48 hours if the sample is preserved in dry ice). Please contact us to organize the shipment in advance:

KÁRION-500: 3 ml of blood in lithium-heparin (green cap tubes) are required for karyotype analysis at 400-500 banding. The sample must reach us within 48 hours from sampling. The sample must travel at room temperature (must NOT be refrigerated).

RNA analysis: refrigeration is necessary to send RNA samples or blood for purposes of RNA extraction, as RNA molecules are very unstable. If you want to send blood for RNA analysis, please contact us in advance to get the special tubes containing RNA stabilizers: A valid alternative to sending RNA is sending cDNA. cDNA is typically more stable than RNA and can be shipped at room temperature.

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