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We know the answer. Situations and emotions in paternity testing vary. We know this, and we know how to handle every single case.


Privacy is always of primary importance when doing paternity testing. That’s why we make sure to welcome you in a comfortable and reserved atmosphere, whether you choose to do the paternity counseling at the clinic or online.


Paternity matters are usually emotionally charged. Pedigree ramifications, as well as inner and legal intricacies, characterize each case differently. Our Geneticists are ready to listen to you thoroughly. We’ll collect all relevant family and ethnicity details, so to make sure that genetic testing will give us the answer you’re looking for.


The presence of the Medical Geneticist is the difference between us and anonymous testing done remotely with a kit at home. Paternity and consanguinity testing at Breda Genetics goes through Genetic Counseling. Complete informed consent is collected from every person taking part in the test. Getting the details about the kindship in your family, the ethnic origin, and the connections you want to prove requires professionality. Flawless sample taking and labeling is also part of our process, as the Geneticist supervises and certifies every step.


Breda Genetics relies on partner forensic laboratories of primary importance, testing thousands of samples per year, under the most different conditions. While our Geneticist will follow you personally before and after the test, you can rely on the quality of the test. The analysis will be performed on the newest platforms and with the highest number of genetic markers.


There’s a difference between private testing and legal testing for judicial or immigration purposes. Our paternity testing is performed for private purposes. The Report always comes alongside a written Genetic Counseling. Should you need the paternity testing for legal purposes, please tell us in advance and we’ll make you a private quotation. If needed, we may also assist you as Technical Advisors in Court*.

How do I get my DNA test results?

There are three simple steps to get your Genetic Testing done in the blink of an eye.

Step 1

Book your Genetic Counseling. The Genecisist will visit you onsite at our clinic or online wherever you are.

Step 2

Provide your biological samples. These can be taken locally at our clinic or can be shipped to us with our kit.

Step 3

Get your Genetic Reports online by email. If any, our Geneticist will explain you every pathological result.


AT THE CLINIC: The biological samples (buccal swabs) will be taken the same day, at the end of the counseling. All persons taking part in the test should be present at the counseling and sign the informed consent form. Under special circumstances, if one or more persons (probands) cannot be present on the day of the counseling, their biological sample may be taken and shipped to us afterward.

ONLINE: After doing the counseling and the personal identification online, we’ll send you the kit for sample taking. The kit contains two high-yield, auto-desiccant buccal swabs, specifically produced for forensic purposes and designed to collect the greatest quantity of DNA from your mouth. They are very easy and comfortable to use and do not require to dry open air, so DNA contamination risks are virtually eliminated.

Additional specifications

Deceased probands

If one of the probands is deceased, it may still be possible to do paternity testing. For instance, in case the deceased proband had surgery in the past, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues may still be available and requested at the hospital where the surgery had been performed**.


We know that you want the paternity testing results as soon as possible, so we work fast, without compromising on quality. Usually, the results are available in about 5-7 working days. If you want, genetic counseling may be done after the test as well, with no additional charge.

How do I get the results

The results will be delivered in a Genetic Report by email or during final genetic counseling with the Geneticist (this is largely up to you). The Genetic Report is given together with a written Counseling Report signed by our Geneticist. The final counseling is already included in the price.

*Subject to availability, with a private quotation. Write us:
**Testing from FFPE is subject to preliminary evaluation during the counseling and at an additional fee.


1. Which type of questions do you answer?

You may ask us to:

  • Verify the paternity of your son or daughter
  • Verify if you and your brother(s) or sister(s) share the same father, i.e. if you are real biological sibs.
  • Verify any other type of consanguinity relationship
2. What is the accuracy of your genetic testing?

The accuracy and sensitivity of the test depend on the type of kinship to be verified (i.e. if we need to check the paternity of the offspring or the biological relationship between brothers/sisters or any other kind of consanguinity). It also depends on the quality of the biological samples that we have to analyse (e.g., FFPE samples may produce DNA of lower quality). However, the number of analysed genetic markers is very high, and the results are usually very reliable in terms of kinship confirmation or exclusion in most cases.

3. How many genetic markers do you use?

This is up to the case. Usually, our partner forensic laboratory uses the richiest kit, testing some 24 microsatelittes (STRs).

Have more questions?

Any more questions? Contact us and we’ll answer you in 24 hours!

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