Breda Genetics srl is a medical company specialized in the delivery of advanced Medical Genetics services for patients and professionals.  The company avails itself of the collaboration with first level biotechnological partners to ensure a reliable and all-embracing service of molecular diagnostics, pivoted on a unique combination of medical expertise and long-standing experience in genetic data interpretation. Main areas of action include Mendelian inheritance, comprising rare and very rare diseases and syndromes, genetically determined susceptibility to cancer, and couple infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. The company also offers a state-of-the-art sequencing only service, with or without bioinformatics tailored for the necessities of Mendelian Diagnostics (high-throughput  Next Generation Sequencing e Sanger).

Dr Breda Klobus is a Medical Doctor (Italy and Germany)* and a Board Certified Medical Geneticist. He got his degrees in Medicine and Medical Genetics at the University of Brescia (Italy). Since 2005 he has worked for primary research institutions and international companies like the Mario Negri Institute (Italy) and Qiagen AG (Germany). He's specialized in the clinical interpretation of genetic data, genetic counselling and sequencing technology. His clinical expertise spans from Mendelian Inherited Disorders to Personalized Medicine and Pharmacogenomics. See a detailed CV of Dr Breda Klobus on LinkedIn or contact him.

*Ordine dei Medici di Brescia (Italy) and Niedersaechsicher Zweckverband zur Approbationserteilung (Germany).

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Dr Stefano Valbonesi is a Clinical Scientist with a Master Degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Neuroscience Genetics. He got his degrees from the University of Chieti and the University of Brescia, Italy. During the years of the PhD he's specialized in Multiplex Ligation Probe Amplification (MLPA) for the study of large deletions/duplications in patients affected by Parkinson disease and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, becoming an expert of these disorders. In the last years he's been working both in Italy and Germany mastering the art of genetic data interpretation from NGS-panels and Whole-Exome-Sequencing, remaining at the same time a point of reference for the diagnosis of large genomic structural variations. Contact Dr Valbonesi or see his detailed CV on LinkedIn.

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