Fast and reliable high-resolution karyotyping for the detection of chomosomal imbalances, aneuploidies and mosaicisms. KÁRION-20 and KÁRION-50 are our avant-garde solutions for karyotyping at 20 or 50 plates respectively. High definition, 400-banding analysis at your fingertips.

Infertility and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Such conditions are sometimes caused by the presence of a balanced translocations in one of the partners.

Such translocations may cause genetic imbalances in the gamates (oocytes and sperm cells), leading to problems of fertility, Repeated Implanatation Failure (RIF) or repeated miscarriage.

KÁRION-20 is the ideal solution, maybe coupled with the fibrosis cystic screening and Genetic Counseling with one of our Geneticists to ease the initiation of your journey for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) (see our Infertility Pack and Miscarriage Pack)

Turner, Klinefelter, and other chromosomal conditions

Anomalies in the number of sexual chromosomes (X/Y aneuploidies), such as seen in Turner, Klinefelter and other syndromes, may be present in all the patient’s cell or just in some. KÁRION-50 is the ideal tool to uncover these conditions, thanks to its extended number of analyzed metaphases (50 plates).

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Technical specifications


High-resolution citogenetic analysis at 400-banding on peripheral leukocytes.

Sample specifications

1 ml of whole peripheral blood in an eparin tube (green cap), no fasting required.


2 weeks.


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Chromosomal aberrations of submicroscopic level (e.g. microdeletions) are not detectable by karyotiping. array-CGH or algorithmic-CNV analysis on Whole Exome Sequencing or Whole Genome Sequencing may be necessary to detected such smaller aberrations.



At partner clinical laboratories. Genetic Counseling required to access the test (book it by us today).

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