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Many Colleagues from the Infertility Clinics request their patients to undergo karyotype analysis and cystic fibrosis screening before starting the exciting journey of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology).

Karyotype and cystic fibrosis are genetic testing, so they require the prescription of a Medical Geneticist during a formal Genetic Counseling. We offer you all of this, so you’re in safe hands!


Infertility is a global health issue affecting millions of people of reproductive age worldwide

Who is our Infertility Pack for?

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Cystic fibrosis screening

Genetic Counseling with a Medical Geneticist

Karyotype with priority turnaround time

Cystic fibrosis screening 1st

Results on time for your next ART appointment

As additional options, you can also get any of the following:

Y-chromosome microdeletion analysis

Deletion testing of the azoospermia factors on the Y-chromosome

Factor II

Prothrombin testing via G20210A analysis in the F2 gene

Factor V Leiden

Factor V Leiden testing via G1691A analysis in the F5 gene


Male Infertility (60+ genes)

Test all the monogenic causes of male infertility through our exome-based panel. You can also include the screening of transmittable genetic diseases


Female infertility (40+ genes)

Test all the monogenic causes of female infertility through our exome-based panel. You can also include the screening of transmittable genetic diseases


Whole Exome Sequencing

Full scanning of the human genes for family planning and your health


Whole Genome Sequencing

Full scanning of the human genes for family planning and your health

Technical specifications

To access the Infertility Pack you must do a Genetic Counseling with our Geneticists. Genetic Counseling can be done onsite at our partner clinic or online from every corner of the globe. All analyses are performed at partner clinical laboratories.

Below are the technical specifications of the basic pack. Additional tests can be added as desired.

Test performed TAT Coverage Details
14 days
14 days
14-47 days
chromosomal imbalances
38 Caucasian mutations
Depending on test type
Standard karyotype on 20 metaphases
CFTR gene mutations 1st level
Depending on test type

How do I get my DNA test results?

There are three simple steps to get your Genetic Testing done in the blink of an eye.

Step 1

Book your Genetic Counseling. The Genecisist will visit you onsite at our clinic or online wherever you are.

Step 2

Provide your biological samples. These can be taken locally at our clinic or can be shipped to us with our kit.

Step 3

Get your Genetic Reports online by email. If any, our Geneticist will explain you every pathological result.

Reproductive Genetics

Genetics is a crucial part of infertility studies and facilitates Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) of all kinds.


15% of reproductive-aged couples are affected by infertility, which may be genetic. Genetic studies may also prevent fetal genetic diseases.

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All samples of the Infertility Pack can be shipped at room temperature. Karyotype requires blood taking in a green cap tube, whereas all other tests can be done from our buccal swabs.

All samples can be shipped at room temperature. We offer free sample shipping with our express courier.

Every genetic testing must be prescribed by a Medical Geneticist for your advantage and safety. For couples undergoing ART, genetic counseling is the perfect chance to unveil possible genetic reproductive risks coming from your family or personal history.

If any pathological findings arise from your genetic testing, our Geneticist will take care of explaining you all the details and the actions you can take.

No, we don't perform Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), although we help you with all the genetic screenings necessary to start the journey at your ART clinic of choice. Your ART clinical may contact us for any inquiry or special request.

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