Thumbs up at Breda Genetics, with 39% diagnostic success rate in WES and WGS!

Thumbs up at Breda Genetics! After the first year and a half of activity, the time has come for weighing things up! We strive to find the mutation of your patients, and success comes!

Here you are our diagnostic success rates so far:

Analysis    Our success rate*       Market average   
Any exome-based analysis 40% NA
Panel testing 42% NA
  Whole exome / whole genome sequencing   39% 27-31%**

How do we achieve this success rate?

1. Exquisite technical execution:
We exclusively provide you with Illumina certified sequencing (all our WES are now run on the Novaseq platform).

2. Extraordinary primary, secondary and tertiary bioinformatic analysis:
We keep on chiseling our pipelines, combining algorithms and keeping control on artificial intelligence.

3. Long-standing expertise in clinical intepretation and Medical Genetics:
Because clinical genetic testing is a matter of medical expertise!

Take advantage of our boosted detection rate today!
 *Genetically confirmed diagnoses through the identification of a pathogenic or likely-pathogenic mutation or a variant of uncertain significance later confirmed to be pathogenic by familial segregation analysis. All exomes and genomes included, solos and trios. Purely uncertain results excluded.
**Literature and scientific events world-wide.


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