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Breda Genetics is a young and dynamic company striving to get access to exome/genome sequencing and genetic information to as many people as possible. Breda Genetics is devoted to highly specialized genetic testing services for rare diseases, inherited susceptibility to cancer, and adult onset conditions such as hereditary cardiopathies. As such, Breda Genetics navigates through a wide pool of potential customers.

The force of Breda Genetics resides within its innovative workflow model, where analyses are completely outsourced to certified sequencing providers with outstanding sequencing power and unrivaled technical experience for state of the art technical execution. The job is then completed by the pluriannual experience in Medical Genetics and genetic data interpretation of the Breda Genetics' staff, who will eventually edit a truly thorough Medical Report.

Breda Genetics is therefore looking for enthusiastic sales rep willing to spread the voice and to give the option of exome and genome sequencing to as many patients as possible! As sales rep you'll be in touch with key medical doctors and geneticist in your territory, promoting our genetic testing service and getting generous commissions upon generated order (8-16%). Take the chance to earn while doing something good!

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