Know-how in Medical Genetics and genetic data interpretation is a matter of strong academic background, long-standing experience from daily routine and continuing education. We know the importance of keeping up to date with the latest scientific discoveries, technical advancements in sequencing, as well as with the newest gene-disease associations. For this reason, Breda Genetics invests significant resources in staff training: each member of the scientific team is scheduled to accumulate an average of 100-150 hours of education, including the attendance to international events, external clinical and bioinformatics courses and in house educational programs.


To ensure maximum quality of its analyses, Breda Genetics enrolls in quality assessment programs each year. For its second time, also in 2019, Breda Genetics has taken part to the most prestigious program of its kind, the European Molecular Quality Network, hosted by the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT). These are the schemes we have done:

EMQN season 2018: BRCA (full scheme - 3 samples). Result: SATISFACTORY (final).

EMQN season 2019: HBOC - Hereditary Breast-Ovarian Cancer (panel testing - 3 samples). Results: SATISFACTORY (final).

EMQN season 2020: CARDIAC (ARR) - Panel testing for cardiac arrhythmias (3 samples). Results: SATISFACTORY (final); HD - Repeat expansion testing for Huntington disease (3 samples). Results: SATISFACTORY (final).

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