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Solving the Odyssey

Breda Genetics is the leader in finding genetic mutations in rare and ultra-rare disorders. A mission guided by long-standing experience as Medical Molecular Geneticists, with a broad exposure to rare diseases of all kinds.

You, the Patient, are at the center of our efforts.

Come to us through one of our Geneticists* or have your sample sent by your Physician: your well-being is always the highest aim of our commitment.

What is a Diagnostic Odyssey?

Finding the name of a rare disorder is always the first step.

Getting a precise answer about causative genetic mutations opens the doors to many advantages and paves the way for future health improvements.

Start your journey with us today to solve your case in a few weeks.

Specialized Centers

Once a situation has been clearly defined, the patient can access specialized clinical centers easier.

Treatment Plans

Several countries have rare disease networks to redirect patients to specific treatment plans or experimental protocols.

Adequate Reimbursement

The definition of the disoder helps patients get specific exemption codes, which enable lowering the expenses for their condition.

Family Planning

Once we know the genetic condition precisely, we can make precise calculations about the reproductive risk.

How to get tested?

Accessing our genetic testing is possible for every individual in many different manners.

Directly with us*

Book the Genetic Counseling online with our Geneticist and:

  • Reconstruct your personal and family history to identify critical signs of disease or genetic risk.
  • Get guided by our Geneticist to choose the best genetic testing solution for you.
  • Have your biological sample collected at our partner clinic or comfortably at your home.
  • Wait for the results, which will be clearly explained to you by our Geneticist.
We’ll never leave you alone, before or after the test.
*Breda Genetics is not open to the public but you can access our services through one of our Geneticists. 

Through your Doctor

Tell your Doctor to contact us to have your DNA tested at Breda Genetics:

  • Your Doctor of trust will be the official sender. We will help them to choose the best testing strategy for you.
  • Have your biological sample collected at your Doctor’s clinic and shipped to us free of charge.
  • We’ll send the final Medical Report to your Doctor, helping them understand the results and guide you through the next steps.
Colleagues are essential to us because they know your clinical history deeply. Therefore, we always welcome the consultation with them, while listening to their indications and recommendations very carefully.

Through your Hospital

Recommend your hospital staff to contact Breda Genetics for testing:

  • Rare disease patients often meet numerous specialists, sometimes with different opinions, finding it challenging to access genetic studies.
  • We’re always available for specialists and other healthcare workers to give information on how to access our services.
  • Your hospital may already have active collaborations with us. So, ask them if you can get tested by us.

We work as a commercial lab, so our analyses are always subject to a fee. However, some clinical centers may have funding to help you obtain genetic studies for free!

I’m healthy, do I need a test?

Whole Exome Sequencing is also indicated for individuals with no clinical remarks or family history, willing to know if they have harmful genetic mutations that may develop into overt disease later in time or be transmitted to the offspring (see PROACTIVE).

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I don't have a doctor, how do I get tested?

Book your Genetic Counseling session with us today! Our Geneticist will be your Doctor, and will take care of you before, during and after the test.

Contact us to get more information on how we can be your Doctor with no other intermediaries.

I live far away from you, how do I get tested?

Genetic Counseling can be done online from every corner of the globe. Similarly, your biological sample can be collected and transported to us by express courier from wherever you are (free of charge!).

How do I pay for the test?

We are a commercial laboratory, so all our services are subject to a fee. You can pay online with our ecommerce system, or you can do a bank transfer, even in multiple installments. Contact us to learn more on how to simplify your payment plan.

Certain clinical centers may have active collaborations with us, so they may have enough fundings to help you obtaining the test for free. Ask your clinical center.

Can I get a reimbursement?

Most private insurances recognize our services and will reimburse our invoice according to the agreements you have with them.

Certain countries have tax deduction policies for private health expenses, so part of your test costs may be recovered accordingly.

Have more questions?

We are committed to excellent service. If you have questions or need assistance, our team is on hand to help.

Feel free to call us to book your appointment



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