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Best-in-Class Genetic Testing

Superior DNA sequencing, evolved Bioinformatics, and thorough Clinical Interpretation, to end the Diagnostic Odyssey in Rare Diseases.

By the Experts in Medical Genetics, the One-Stop solution for Genetic Diseases.

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A fully assisted path, from Genetic Counseling to sample taking to a clear explanation of the results. At Breda Genetics, we thoroughly, competently, and transparently take care of you.


We know how your Patients and their health are essential for you! That’s why we’ll synchronize with you to understand their clinical condition and reach the target: the genetic diagnosis.


The need to process high volumes and the search for reliability in clinical results validation. Knowing the importance of the chain of trust, we handle your samples as our samples!

A global presence

From Italy to the Middle East, more than 20 countries are already sending to us.

Founded and run in Italy, Breda Genetics lives with an international spirit, while practicing on cases from different countries keeps boosting our expertise.

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Leading Genetics Experts

Dr. Alessandra Cremaschi

Junior Clinical Scientist

Dr. Andrea Breda Klobus

MD, Medical Geneticist

Dr. Stefano Valbonesi

Senior Clinical Scientist

DNA Sequencing is nothing without the ability to interpret the results.

Dr. Breda Klobus

Preventive healthcare based on your DNA

The real next generation of Preventive Genetic Testing, based on the Expertise and Technology for Rare Diseases.

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