List of genes (EXOME 60MB, EXOME 90MB, GENOME FULL)

EXOME 60MB (90 Megabases of human exonic content) and EXOME 90MB (90 Megabases of human exonic content) include the analysis of all the 20,000 human genes and of the entire mitochondrial DNA sequence. Genes are covered in their entire coding region and exon/intron junctions (EXOME 60MB) and even in their upstream and downstream regulatory regions, the so called 5′-UTR and 3′-UTR (EXOME 90MB). Very few exception occurs for some non-coding RNAs.

GENOME FULL (3 Gigabases of human DNA sequence) includes literally the sequencing of the entire human DNA.  The service includes the analysis of all 20,000 human genes, which are covered in the entirety of their coding regions, exon/intron junctions, all introns, and upstream/downstream regulatory regions. Furthermore, the analysis includes the sequencing of all intergenic regions as well as those few non-coding RNAs not covered by exome sequencing.

So, if you would like to know which genes are covered by the aforementioned products, just think of one and… yes, it’s covered!

For the list of genes included in the EXOME 15MB service, please click here.