Karyotype analysis: KÁRION-500

Fast and reliable high-resolution karyotyping

Breda Genetics is proud to launch KÁRION-500, its premium karyotype analysis service. State of the art culturing and plate preparation ensures the superior results of this high-banding analysis, which comes at an appropriate pricing and a swift turnaround time of 14 days. 

Blood in lithium-heparin needed.


Different plate numbers for any mosaicism detection

Our high-banding karyotyping service comes with a resolution of 400-500 bands and is available in two different sizes of 20 plates or 50 plates analysis for the detection of any level of possible mosaicism. Upon request we also offer super high-banding of 800 bands (KÁRION-800).

KÁRION-500 (20P) consists in the analysis of 20 plates of chromosomal metaphasis. This is the gold standard for karyotyping, e.g. as for the screening of couples undergoing in vitro fertilization.


KÁRION-500 (50P) consists in the analysis of 50 plates of chromosomal metaphasis. This is the best approach in cases of suspected chromsomal mosaicisms (e.g. Turner s., Klinefelter s., trisomy 8, etc).


Additional notes

Click on any option to book the service or contact info@bredagenetics.com / +39 030 22 19 32 89 (Mon-Fri, 8:30 - 18:30).

Breda Genetics srl | lithium-heparing tubes (green cap)Lithium-heparin tubes needed?

We'll send you a bunch for free!

Our high-banding karyotyping service requires blood in lithium-heparin (2-3 ml, green cap tubes). Need some tubes? Ask us and we'll send you a bunch for free (info@bredagenetics.com). The sample must travel at room temperature and reach the lab within a maximum of three-four days from sampling. Express courier shipping is available upon request.