Genetic counseling on-site for exome and genome sequencing and other genetic tests.



Genetic counseling online for exome and genome sequencing and other genetic tests.



Single patients can take advantage of our genetic counseling service, either on site (Brescia, Milan - ITALY) or at distance by telemedicine.

Genetic counseling (sometimes also called "genetic examination") is mandatory for all patients willing to undergo genetic testing. With few exception, patients cannot access genetic testing directly. Genetic counseling is actually necessary to prepare the patient to understand the meaning and the power of the test and to verify if there is really an indication to the test based on detailed clinical info.

Genetic diseases and genetic testing are complex subjects. The intricacies of hereditary disorders, congenital malformation syndromes, susceptibility traits and pharmacogenomic markers need to be made understandable. Genetic counseling is also necessary to calculate the reproductive risk, which can be made independently from the execution of the tests.

Being that genetic testing is more complicated than any other analysis, the counselor must address even technical aspects so that the patient may comprehend concepts like mutation detection rate or test specificity/sensitivity.