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Why doing 10 or 20 genes if you can sequence them all?

EXOME PANEL 15MB is the ultimate solution in panel testing for genetically heterogeneous disorders.

EXOME PANEL 15MB is made on the basis of clinical exome sequencing, which we perform based on a 15MB kit including more than 6,000 genes. Once all genes are sequenced, the bioinformatic analysis and the clinical interpretation is activated for the requested panel of genes (see here the list of panels). And if this panel is negative, we can activate any other one in the blink of an eye (ADD-ON PANEL)!

Additional info and technical specifications

EXOME PANEL 15MB is an ideal option to face not only with genetically heterogeneous disorders but also with complicated differential diagnoses. Our panels are designed to include any possible relevant genes to a certain disorder. However, for some clinical cases it may be necessary to scan more than one panel before reaching the final diagnosis. Here comes the advantage: if the first panel is negative, any extra panel or extra gene can be activated in the blink of an eye with just three days turnaround time (ADD-ON GENE, ADD-ON PANEL).

Technical specifications

EXOME PANEL 15MB is performed on the basis of clinical exome sequencing (CES), which we perform by sequencing all clinically relevant genes for a total of about 15MB (6,000 genes, list of genes). Any EXOME PANEL 15MB is run by default at coverage 100x. Upon request, coverage 200x and coverage 80x are also available. The analysis covers all exons and exon/intron boundaries. For additional specifications on clinical exome sequencing you can see EXOME 15MB. Upon request, incidental findings (ACMG 2013 list) can also be reported.

Accepted samples includes: already purified DNA (better if eluted in water), EDTA-blood, Breda Genetics buccal swabs, Breda Genetics filter cards, saliva.

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Our high-yield swabs and filter cards are made up of a special, extra-capturing material which ensures the collection of plenty of cells. As such, they are perfect for any kind of molecular genetics assay like exome and genome sequencing! Ask us a bunch at info@bredagenetics.com: we'll send them right away!

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