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EXOME GENE 60MB is the most revolutionary and comprehensive approach to single gene testing and tier testing.

EXOME GENE 60MB consists in the analysis of a single gene sequence based on whole exome sequencing (WES). How many times did you look for a gene and couldn't find a solution for testing? By sequencing all 20,000 human genes, we are able to look at even the rarest, longest and newest genes with the solidity of industrially validated capture kits! And if the sequence of that gene is negative, we can instantly look at any other gene or panel which is relevant to the clinical info of the patient (ADD-ON GENEADD-ON PANEL) or we can even reflex to the analysis of all human genes (UPGRADE TO FULL).

Additional info and technical specifications

EXOME GENE 60MB is indicated for the diagnosis, or carrier state detection, in monogenic disorders with low or no genetic heterogeneity. For disorders characterized by high genetic heterogeneity, or cases of unsolved diagnostic odyssey, EXOME PANEL 60MB/90MB, EXOME 60MB/90MBGENOME PANEL ore GENOME FULL are recommended. EXOME GENE 60MB may be cost-effective also in comparison to traditional Sanger sequencing, especially for large genes.

Tech specs

EXOME GENE 60MB is performed on the basis of whole exome sequencing (WES), which includes all 20,000 human genes as well as the mitochondrial DNA. The analysis is available at different levels of coverage. Human exonic content: 60 megabases.

Samples accepted: DNA from any tissue (including formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded), EDTA-blood, Breda Genetics buccal swabs, Breda Genetics filter cards, saliva.

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Our high-yield swabs and filter cards are made up of a special, extra-capturing material, which ensures the collection of plenty of cells. As such, they are perfectly fit for any kind of molecular assay, from array-CGH to high-throughput NGS, including whole exome and whole genome sequencing! Do you want a bunch of them? Just write us, and we'll send them right away! info@bredagenetics.com.

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