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We cooperate with renowned organizations, ranging from small to large-scale enterprises to provide ‘best-in-class’ genetic testing and other genomic services.

High company growth rates with increasing sample volumes and the need for experts’ know-how push several labs to seek help outside, by outsourcing testing requests. As leaders in genetic testing for rare diseases, we are the ideal partner for you.

How we strengthen you

State-of-the-art Genetic Testing

Rare disease inheritance is more complex than expected. Human Genetics is full of exceptions. The mutational spectrum of genes varies. Phenotype overlap can be partial, and the newest gene-disease association may not be in databases yet. Trust us to take care of all this for higher mutation detection rates and truly professional Medical Reports.

1-Minute Online Order, Progress Bar, and Report Download

Register at personal.bredagenetics now, and see by yourself how easy it is to place an order, follow the progress of your analysis, and download your patient's reports.

Smart Logistics

From whole-blood to dried blood spots on filter cards, we are prepared to collect your samples smoothly and easily, having them transported to our lab in 1-2 days.

A Global Experience

Organizations from more than 20 countries are already sending their samples to us. Each customer has its own specific requirements. So, we've learned how to be ready and flexible for any need.

A Real All-in-One

Explore our broad portfolio, from high-throughput NGS to Pseudogene testing. You’ll see how we can satisfy even the rarest test requests

Whole Exome Sequencing

Best-in-class Exome Sequencing, by the Leaders in Medical Geneticsdetails

Whole Genome Sequencing

First-class WGS for a real a once-in-a-lifetime test



From Sanger to MLPA, for family studies or variant confirmation


Expanding Knowledge


The PanOrpha panel contains 300+ new gene-disease associations which are not deposited in the OMIM database yet. We run it systematically in every negative exome and genome.

Following-up with the Reanalysis

We can assist you with the Reanalysis of each negative exome and genome

Our internal pipeline guarantees the semi-automatic comparison of old and new Bioinformatics, while our Scientists will carefully review each case manually.

According to current literature, the best interval to request the Reanalysis is after 18 months.

Quality first

Breda Genetics enrolls in quality assessment programs each year to ensure the maximum quality of its analyses. Since 2018, we have participated in the most prestigious program for Molecular Genetics: the EMQN.

Solutions to ease Logistics

The Breda Genetics' filter cards to send dried blood spots to us

Originally designed and tested for the high standards of forensics, our cards guarantee DNA stability for years, so they represent the ideal support for sample preservation and transport, especially overseas.

From whole genome sequencing to MLPA, dried blood spots on our cards are suitable for any kind of molecular testing. In addition to that, our cards are treated with antimicrobial agents, so they are more than safe!


Avant-garde Sequencing Service
for our Colleagues

Rapid Exome, Whole Exome Sequencing, Clinical Exome Sequencing, Whole Genome Sequencing, Full Genome Bisulphite: explore our rarefied portfolio for Colleagues who need sequencing only, without Medical Report.

From exceptional high coverage to priority TATs, we are willing to answer your most demanding needs of quality and timing.

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Guiding the Triage

Our analyses always provide you with

Our ACADEMIA section at your fingertips

Choose the best testing strategy or integrate your counseling with Clinical Cards and Medical Genetics articles from our ACADEMIA section.


Can you manage high volumes?

Definitively yes. Genetic testing and Medical Report editing is a highly professional activity, which we’ve learned to scale up over the years. Your samples are in safe hands with us.

Can we copy or translate your reports?

Although we always recommend delivering our reports directly, you’re allowed to integrate them into your paper works and, if necessary, translate them into your local language to ease patients’ understanding of results.

Can you work on custom projects?

Sure thing. We’ll set up a pipeline for you, whether it’s for serial testing of one single gene on several samples or whole exome sequencing on plenty of trios.

Have more questions?

For any inquiry about prices and TATs or recommendations about the best testing strategy for your patients, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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