Amino acid codes (symbols)

Amino acids codes (symbols) are listed below (1 and 3 letters codes). Approved nomenclature for reports is the 3 letters code:

Amino acid Code (1 letter) Code (3 letters) (official)
Alanine A Ala
Arginine R Arg
Asparagine N Asn
Aspartic Acid D Asp
Cysteine C Cys
Glutamic Acid E Glu
Glutamine Q Gln
Glicine G Gly
Histidine H His
lsoleucine I Ile
Leucine L Leu
Lysine K Lys
Methionine M Met
Phenylalanine F Phe
Proline P Pro
Serine S Ser
Threonine T Thr
Tryptophan W Trp
Tyrosine Y Tyr
Valine V Val
Asn + Asp B Asx
Gln + Glu Z Glx
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