The flexibility of our services is based on the wide amount of sequencing data that we get for every patient. When exome or genome sequencing is performed, patient’s data are acquired and may be used either for single gene / panel testing or for the analysis of all data. When a single gene or a panel of genes is negative, it’s possible to go with the analysis of other panels or to upgrade to the analysis of all data.

This methodology represents the most innovative and cost-effective approach to stepwise testing, because there is no need to pay (and wait) for additional lab runs: the sequences of all genes are just there!

The add-on list includes:

ADD-ON GENE: analyze one gene more with a turn-around time of just 3 working days.

ADD-ON PANEL: analyze one panel of genes more with a turn-around time of just 3-7 working days.

ADD-ON CNV: analyze gross mutations (CNV – Copy Number Variations) based on a specific Bioinformatics pipeline.

UPGRADE TO FULL DATA: analyze all the remaining genes of the entire exome or genome with a turnaround time of 15-21 days.

Please note that, due to different capturing kits utilized, it’s not possible to upgrade among different exomes types (e.g. from EXOME 15MB to EXOME 60MB) or between exome and genome.